A "fully geared" GSG-9 Force, has the following stats.


A picture of an optimally geared GSG-9 character

-Base Stats for optimally equipped GSG-9

  • Moving Speed:+1%
  • Special Point:+20%
  • Avoid Headshot:7%
  • Defense:22%

(Please note, these figures are without holiday items, or the knife sheath)

GSG9 Maximum Special Point Percent

  • 21% without event items
  • 29% with event items


  • NJV Helmet:+2%
  • Red Bandana:+2%
  • Beret:+5%
  • Red Beret:+5%
  • Combat Helmet:+7%
  • Reindeer Head:+2%


  • Balaclava:+2%
  • Skull Face:+5%


  • Clan BDU:+2%


  • Advanced Tattoo:+4%
  • Highest Grade Tattoo:+5%
  • Special Tattoo:+4%
  • Rolled Up Sleeves:+4%
  • Santa Gloves:+1%


  • Knife Sheath:+3%(Special Point Package)


  • Highest Jungle Boots:+2%
  • Santa Boots:1-2%


  • Water Canteen:+2%

(Please note items in bold are only available during holiday events)


  • The GSG-9 is rumored to have AIDs, hence his skinny, and pale appearance.