A "fully geared" SAS Force, has the following stats.


A picture of an optimally geared SAS character

-Base Stats for optimally equipped SAS

  • Moving Speed:+1%
  • Special Point:+24%
  • Avoid Headshot:7%
  • Defense:22%

(Please note, these figures are without holiday items, or the knife sheath)

SAS Maximum Special Point Percent


  • Reindeer Head:+2%
  • NJV Helmet:+2%
  • Red Bandana:+2%
  • Beret:+5%
  • Red Beret:+5%
  • Combat Helmet:+7%


  • Balaclava:+2%
  • Skull Face:+5%


  • Clan BDU:+2%
  • Tactical Vest:+3%


  • Advanced Tattoo:+4%
  • Highest Grade Tattoo:+5%
  • Special Tattoo:+4%
  • Rolled Up Sleeves:+4%
  • Santa Gloves:+1%


  • Knife Sheath:+3%(Special Point Package)


  • Highest Jungle Boots:+2%
  • Santa Boots:1-2%


  • Water Canteen:+2%
  • Pouch:+2%
  • Magazine Pouch:+2%

(Please note items in bold are only available during holiday events)

History of the SAS

This is the British Force used in the game.  From the official Soldier Front website:
The British Task Force SAS (Special

Air Service) is well respected by the Delta Force and the Navy Seal; the original Soldier Front of modern times.

The SAS has earned its fame as the most significant counter terrorist unit by successfully suppressing the terrorist attack on the Iran embassy in the United Kingdom in 1980. It has also participated in the German GSG-9’s Mogadishu aircraft hijack rescue mission, Athens train rescue operation, successive Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro’s abduction rescue mission, and proven its strategic leadership with distinct innovative equipment such as the Stun grenade. These accomplishments have taken the unit to international level not to mention the American Delta Force was also built upon its assistance.

Today, the SAS is in a joint alliance with the Delta Force, GSG-9, and other western nations, spreading its counter terrorism methods and techniques for further improvement with capital investment in high end weaponry and armory devices.